County by County Endorsements

I am grateful to have the public endorsements of conservatives from all across our state and all walks of life in our party.  If you would like to add your name to the list, please visit the “Join” page and let me know!

Abbeville Craig Gagnon State Representative; Former County Chairman
Abbeville Janice McCord State Committeeman
Abbeville James McCord
Abbeville Wayne McKenzie County Chairman
Aiken Thomas Baker Former SCGOP 3rd Vice Chairman
Aiken Gary Bunker Former State Committeeman
Aiken Jason Goings Aiken Treasurer
Aiken Steve Homoki Aiken City Council
Aiken Zee Homoki
Aiken Colen Lindell
Aiken David Nix Former County Chairman
Aiken Andrew O’Byrne County Chairman
Aiken Sean Pumphrey State Chairman, SC Young Republicans
Aiken K.T. Ruthven Former County Chairman
Aiken Dennis Saylor Former County Chairman
Aiken Susan Swanson Former State Committeeman
Aiken Jane Page Thompson State Committeeman
Aiken Katherine Wade Former State Committeeman
Aiken Eleanor Wells
Anderson Susan Aiken State Committeeman; 3rd Congressional District Chairman
Anderson Rev. Brad Atkins
Anderson Nancy Campbell V.P. Anderson County Republican Women
Anderson Cheryl Cuthrell County Chairman
Anderson Debbie Gerwe President, Anderson Republican Women
Anderson Daniel Gamble
Anderson Gary Henderson
Anderson Liz Holmes Former County Chairman
Anderson Albert Howard
Anderson Jane Jones Former State Committeeman
Anderson Henry Jordan Former County Chairman
Anderson Eddie King 3rd Congressional District Treasurer
Anderson Mary McAbee
Anderson Richard Shirley Anderson County Clerk of Court
Barnwell Ben Kinlaw County Chairman; Former 2nd Congressional District Chairman
Barnwell Peggy Kinlaw
Beaufort Jim Dickson State Committeeman
Beaufort Richard Geraghty County Vice Chairman
Beaufort Tom Hatfield First Monday Republican Lunch Club
Beaufort Kevin Hennelly
Beaufort Barbara Nielsen Former State Superintendent of Education
Beaufort Dennis Nielsen
Beaufort Jay Odom Former State Committeeman
Beaufort Jim Riordan County Chairman
Beaufort Sheri Zedd Nominee for County Chairman
Berkeley Wade Arnette Former County Chairman
Berkeley Jerry Bacon
Berkeley Jerry Beckley
Berkeley Michele Combs Founder, Young Conservatives for Energy Reform
Berkeley Roberta Combs President, Christian Coalition
Berkeley Earl Copeland Former County Chairman
Berkeley Bruce Gonzalez County Chairman
Berkeley Terry Hardesty State Committeeman
Berkeley Linda Johnson Former State President, SC Federation of Republican Women
Berkeley Judy Marshall
Berkeley Wayland Moody Former State Committeeman
Berkeley Winthrop Spofford
Calhoun Doug Doster County Chairman
Calhoun Larry Jordan State Committeeman
Calhoun Max Kaster Former County Chairman
Charleston Anne Badgley Founder, Lowcountry Crisis Pregnancy Center
Charleston Lin Bennett Former County Chairman
Charleston Andrew Bouchet
Charleston Joe Bowers SCGOP 1st Congressional District Secretary
Charleston Patricia Brunson
Charleston Nikki Claibourn
Charleston Christian Costa
Charleston Cindy Costa SC Republican National Committeewoman
Charleston Kevin Cunnane
Charleston Jim Davis Former 1st Congressional District Chairman
Charleston John Demetre
Charleston Hazel Goldberg
Charleston Richard Guerard
Charleston Mark Hartley Former County Chairman
Charleston Bob Huddleston
Charleston John Hull
Charleston Joanne Jones President, East Cooper Republican Club
Charleston Jo Anne Knapp
Charleston Marc Knapp
Charleston Larry Kobrovsky County Chairman
Charleston Sam McConnell Former County Chairman
Charleston Cindi Mosteller Former State Committeeman
Charleston Carroll O’Neal
Charleston Linda Page Mayor of Mount Pleasant
Charleston Joe Semsar
Charleston Mark Smith Mt. Pleasant Town Councilman; Past President, East Cooper Republican Club
Charleston John Steinberger Former County Chairman
Charleston Deb Streetman
Charleston Maraide Sullivan 1st Congressional District Chairman
Charleston Eddie Taylor Citadel Republican Society
Charleston Leah Whatley
Cherokee Robin Reed Former State Committeeman
Cherokee Shannon Tyler County Chairman
Chester Becky Delleney Former State Committeeman
Chester Greg Delleney State Representative
Chester Drew Johnson State Committeeman
Chester Erin Mosley County Chairman
Chester Sandra Stroman Former County Chairman
Chester Jim Stroman
Chesterfield Stephen Aldridge
Chesterfield Doug Rorie State Committeeman
Chesterfield Chad Watson
Chesterfield Cheryl Watson County Party Treasurer
Chesterfield Andy Wells County Chairman
Chesterfield Richie Yow State Representative: Former State Committeeman
Clarendon Moye Graham County Chairman
Clarendon Cindy Risher State Committeeman
Clarendon Leon Winn Second Vice-Chairman, SCGOP
Colleton Lori Beard
Colleton Janis Blocker County Chairman
Colleton Mary Anne Cannady State Committeeman
Colleton Kim Santorella
Darlington Timothy Bazen State Committeeman
Darlington Bonnie Bell
Darlington Diane DeLucia County Chairman
Darlington Justin Evans
Dorchester Peggy Bangle President, Dorchester Republican Women
Dorchester Chris Beiler
Dorchester Jordan Bryngelson Former County Chairman; Former State Committeeman
Dorchester Janette Chipas
Dorchester Carroll Duncan Former State Committeeman
Dorchester Tim Higgins Chairman
Dorchester Mike Rose Committeeman
Dorchester Steven Wright
Edgefield Scott Cooper State Committeeman
Edgefield Christopher Walker
Fairfield Jeff Betsch
Fairfield Bob Carrison State Committeeman
Fairfield Kathy Carrison
Fairfield Donald Laird
Fairfield Pam Laird
Fairfield Kevin Thomas Former County Chairman
Florence Glenn Baum State Committeeman
Florence Tyler Cook
Florence Bette Cox Former County Chairman
Florence Jerri Cross President, Florence County Republican Women
Florence Charlotte Hendrix
Florence Amy Hardee
Florence Robby Hill
Florence Bill Pickle Former County Chairman
Florence Richard Skipper Former County Chairman
Florence Mal Weatherly County Chairman
Florence Renee Woodberry Florence county activist
Georgetown Karol Anderson County Treasurer
Georgetown Art Caswell County Vice-Chairman
Georgetown Robin Holley
Georgetown Randy Hollister County Chairman
Georgetown Glenn O’Connell Former State Committeeman, Former SCGOP Treasurer
Georgetown Jerry Rovner 7th Congressional District Chairman
Georgetown Brian Shult Georgtown County Auditor
Georgetown Van Hipp Former SCGOP State Chairman
Georgetown Tom Marchant Former State Representative
Greenville Lynn Ballard Greenville County Council
Greenville Eric Bedingfield State Representative
Greenville Pat Byrd
Greenville Sig Byrd
Greenville Racine Cooper
Greenville James Cramer
Greenville Marlene Dowd
Greenville Bob Dowd
Greenville Paul Fallovallita
Greenville Linda Garner
Greenville Chad Groover County Chairman
Greenville Diane Gutierrez-Pilewski
Greenville Tom Hanson
Greenville Dan Herren
Greenville Suzette Jordan State Committeeman
Greenville Nate Leupp
Greenville Jim Lee Former State Committeeman
Greenville Kaaren Mann
Greenville Taft Matney Victory 2012 Director
Greenville Karen McManaway
Greenville Alan Morgan
Greenville Steven Mullikin
Greenville Randy Page Former 4th Congressional District Chairman
Greenville Roan Garcia Quintana
Greenville Carla Renner
Greenville Fred Roberts
Greenville Cheryl Taylor
Greenville Lisa Van Riper
Greenville Ric Webb
Greenwood Denny Burroughs
Greenwood JoAnn Burroughs State Committeeman
Greenwood Norma Curtis Former McCormick County Chairman
Greenwood Buck Griffin County Chairman
Greenwood Jean Griffin
Greenwood Anne Hancock
Greenwood Karen Hyatt
Horry Carl Altman
Horry Michael Butryn
Horry Alan Clemmons State Representative; Former State Committeeman
Horry Heather Crawford State Representative; Former County Chairman
Horry Joe Dugan
Horry David Ellison
Horry Russell Fry State Representative
Horry Steve Hoffman
Horry Kevin Hughes V.P. Coastal Carolina College Republicans
Horry Steven Jacko
Horry Jon James
Horry Sheila Lancaster
Horry Mark Lazarus Horry County Council Chairman
Horry Eva Long
Horry Gerri McDaniel First Vice-Chairman; South Carolina grassroots leader
Horry Linda McHugh
Horry John McHugh
Horry Dreama Purdue County Chairman
Horry Alan Ray
Horry Joe Scullion South Strand Republican Club
Horry Cleo Steele
Horry Randle Stevens
Horry Roger Strickland
Horry Phillip Thompson Horry County Sheriff
Horry Teresa Unrue
Horry Randal Wallace
Horry Bill Wiegand
Horry Woody Wood
Jasper Duane Swygert Former County Chairman
Jasper Karen Wyld County Chairman
Kershaw Janice Caldwell County Chairman
Kershaw Sandy Chiong 2016 National Delegate
Kershaw Vic Dabney
Lancaster Allen Blackmon County Chairman
Lancaster Brian Carnes County Council
Lancaster Susan Hair
Lancaster Jay Himelstein
Lancaster Bob Jones
Lancaster Francis Jones
Lancaster Sandy McGarry State Committeeman
Lancaster Billy McGarry
Lancaster Billy Mosteller County Council
Lancaster Brandon Newton State Representative; Former County Chairman
Lancaster John Plyler County Party Treasurer
Lancaster Tindall Yarburough
Laurens Graham Duncan
Lee Sam Cerezo State Committeeman
Lexington Thane Anderson
Lexington Preston Baines
Lexington Rich Bolen Former County Chairman
Lexington Drea Byars
Lexington Luke Byars
Lexington Craig Caldwell County Chairman; 2nd Congressional District Chairman
Lexington Mike Green
Lexington Doug Jolley
Lexington Beth Klapman
Lexington Steven Lyles
Lexington Lisa Manini-Widener
Lexington Gail Mcpherson
Lexington Robert Schaeffer Former County Vice-Chairman
Lexington Leneau Siegling Former State Committeeman, Charleston county
Lexington Chris Smith
Lexington Ross Snell
Lexington Charlie Speight
Lexington Nick Sprouse Former County Chairman (Beaufort)
Lexington Wilma Storey State Committeeman; Former County 1st Vice Chairman
Lexington Dino Teppara Chairman – First Tuesday of the Midlands
Lexington Donna Walker
Lexington Leonard Walker
Lexington Rob Watts
Lexington Dave Wilson
Marion Eric Fry  County Chairman
Marion John Richardson State Committeeman
Marlboro Al Clarke
McCormick Ruth Obermeyer County Chairman
McCormick Dick Obermeyer State Committeeman
Newberry Charm Altman Former State President, SC Federation of Republican Women
Newberry Chad Connelly Former State Chairman, SCGOP
Newberry Bruce Connelly
Newberry Dana Connelly
Newberry Cole Lawrimore County Chairman
Newberry Byrd Smith County Vice-Chairman
Newberry Victor Terrana State Committeeman
Oconee Bob Skipp Former County Chairman
Oconee Phil Soper State Committeeman
Oconee Steve Taylor
Orangeburg Roy Lindsey State Committeeman
Orangeburg Nancy Nettles County Party Treasurer
Pickens Phillip Bowers Former County Chairman
Pickens Elliott Kelly State Committeeman
Pickens Rick Tate County Chairman
Richland Barbara Anderson
Richland Dona Ayers
Richland Bob Barnwell
Richland Hilda Barnwell
Richland Mary Jean Baxley
Richland Elise Bidwell
Richland Sandra Bryan 6th Congressional District Chairman
Richland Kyle Caldwell
Richland Nicole Colson
Richland Jim Corbett Former Chairman, Midlands First Tuesday
Richland Julie Dever
Richland Mark Dever
Richland Steven Diaz
Richland Amy Fling
Richland Thomas Fort
Richland Eric Gann
Richland Hogan Gidley Former SCGOP State Director
Richland Tyson Grinstead State Committeeman
Richland Frank Hennecy
Richland Katie Hennecy
Richland Jim Jerow Former County Chairman (Georgetown)
Richland Joyce Jerow Former State Committeeman (Georgetown)
Richland Doug Jolley
Richland Sam Kopak
Richland Jennifer McKissick
Richland Donald Miles
Richland Milton Moore
Richland Jean Moore
Richland Cindy Moorer
Richland Sharon Morrison
Richland Lou Nolan Former County Chairman
Richland Patrick Nolan
Richland DeLinda Ridings State Committee Secretary, SCGOP
Richland Victoria Ridings
Richland Chris Slick
Richland Nikki Trawick President, North East Richland Republicans
Richland Don Weaver
Richland Eaddy Roe Willard County Chairman
Saluda Brenda Bedenbaugh State Committeeman
Saluda Marvin Gootee County Chairman
Spartanburg Glenda Brady
Spartanburg Larry Bradley
Spartanburg Bill Conley Former County Chairman
Spartanburg Daniel Gamble
Spartanburg Richard Gosnell
Spartanburg Gaye Holt
Spartanburg Josh Kimbrell County Chairman
Spartanburg Karen Martin
Spartanburg Alexia Newman State Committeeman; Former 1st Vice Chairman, SCGOP
Spartanburg Fred Roberts
Spartanburg Jeff Rowe
Spartanburg Kelly Rowe
Spartanburg Marlene Saad
Spartanburg Martin Tate
Spartanburg Dale Thomas
Spartanburg Kerry Wood
Sumter Jimmy Byrd County Councilman; Former County Chairman
Sumter Luke Hall 1st Vice Chairman, Former State Committeeman
Sumter Sylvia Holiday
Sumter Patricia Jones
Sumter Jim Lanford
Sumter Lucia Newman
Sumter Nancy Pugh
Sumter Jason Reddick County Chairman; Former County 1st Vice Chairman
Sumter Steven Schumpert
Sumter Shery Smith State Committeeman; Former County Chairman
Sumter Nancy Wilson
Union Mike Fowler Former County Chairman
Union Freddie Gault State Committeeman; 5th Congressional District Chairman
Williamsburg Melba Bowen
Williamsburg Alice Dukes
Williamsburg Rose Easler
Williamsburg Ida Martin County Chairman
Williamsburg John Martin
Williamsburg Addie McKenzie
York Edward Cousar
York David Duncan State Committeeman
York Tyler Griffin County Chairman
York Joel Hamilton Former County Chairman
York John Hunter Former State Committeeman
York Glenn McCall SC Republican National Committeeman
York Dwayne McClure
York Sam Vetter


Again, if you would like to add your name to the list, please visit the “Join” page and let me know!