Can I count you in?

Can I count you in?

Fellow SC Republicans,

I’m writing to let you know that I’m running for re-election as State Chairman of our South Carolina Republican Party.

I want to begin by thanking everyone for all that they did to support our party in the 2018 election cycle. Whether it was your leadership, your willingness to be a candidate, or volunteering your time and treasure, I greatly appreciate it!

The results speak for themselves.

  • We kept every state-wide constitutional office in Republican hands – AGAIN
  • We maintained our State House majority
  • We picked up more local offices around the state
  • We more than doubled Republican support from absentee ballots
  • We beat the Democrats on the straight-ticket vote for only the 2nd time in state history. And we did it by an incredible EIGHT points (our biggest win ever)!

All of this means that our party is continuing to grow and that more people are identifying with our party and our principles.

Of course politics never stops, and neither does our opposition. We can’t rest on our laurels, but must always be preparing for the challenges of the next election. That includes candidate recruitment, training, organizing, fundraising and communicating our message.

Let me say that I thoroughly enjoy the job. It’s a thrill for me to work in a capacity where I can have an impact for the conservative principles that I care about and help others to do the same. I look forward to the possibility of continuing to build our party and electing more Republicans up and down the ballot all across South Carolina.

I’m honored to have the unanimous support of our SCGOP State Committee, but I would also be honored to have YOUR support!  Please take a moment and visit my website and add your name to the endorsement list.

Again, thank you so much for the opportunity to serve, and for all that you do for our Party!


Drew McKissick
State Chairman


*** State Committee Endorsements ***

Alexia Newman – Spartanburg, State Committeeman
Andrew O’Byrne – Aiken, County Chairman
Andy Wells – Chesterfield, County Chairman
Art Caswell – Georgetown, State Committeeman
Bill Jerome – Oconee, County Chairman
Brenda Bedenbaugh – Saluda, State Committeeman
Brenda Neal – Cherokee, State Committeeman
Brian Greene – Lancaster, State Committeeman
Charm Altman – Newberry, County Chairman
Cheryl Cuthrell – Anderson, County Chairman
Cindy Costa – Charleston, National Committeewoman
Cindy Risher – Clarendon, State Committeeman
Craig Caldwell – Lexington County Chairman, 2nd District Chairman
Curtis Smith – Spartanburg, County Chairman
Darrell Russell – Hampton, County Chairman
Davis McClam – Lee, County Chairman
Dennis Getter – York, State Committeeman
Dick Obermeyer – McCormick, State Committeeman
Doug Doster – Calhoun, County Chairman
Doug Rorie – Chesterfield, State Committeeman
Dreama Perdue – Horry, County Chairman
Drew Johnson – Chester, State Committeeman
Duane Swygert – Jasper, State Committeeman
Eaddy Roe Willard – Richland, County Chairman, State 1st Vice Chairman
Elliott Kelley – Pickens, State Committeeman
Eric Fry – Marion, County Chairman
Erin Mosley – Chester, County Chairman
Freddie Gault – Union, State Committeeman, 5th District Chairman
Glenn Baum – Florence, State Committeeman
Glenn McCall – York, RNC National Committeeman
Ida Martin – Williamsburg, County Chairman
Jane Page Thompson – Aiken, State Committeeman
Janice McCord – Abbeville, State Committeeman
Janis Blocker – Colleton, County Chairman
Jason Reddick – Sumter, County Chairman
JD Chaplin – Darlington, County Chairman
Jean Griffin – Greenwood, State Committeeman
Jerry Rovner – Georgetown, 7th District Chairman
Jim Riordan – Beaufort, State Committeeman
Jim Ulmer – Orangeburg, County Chairman
JoAnn Burroughs – Greenwood, County Chairman
Joey Lemmons – Cherokee, County Chairman
John Richardson – Marion, State Committeeman
Karen Wyld – Jasper, County Chairman
Karol Anderson – Georgetown, County Chairman
Kay Maxwell – Bamberg, State Committeeman
Keith Tripp – Laurens, County Chairman
Kevin Thomas – Fairfield, County Chairman
Larry Jordan – Calhoun, State Committeeman
Mal Weatherly – Florence, County Chairman
Mark Hartley – Charleston, State Committeeman
Marvin Gootee – Saluda, County Chairman
Mary Anne Cannady – Colleton, State Committeeman
Matt Maxwell – Bamberg, County Chairman
Mike Rose – Dorchester, State Committeeman
Moye Graham – Clarendon, County Chairman
Nate Leupp – Greenville, County Chairman
Nick Walker – Edgefield, State Committeeman
Norman Fay – Horry, State Committeeman
Peggy Kinlaw – Barnwell, State Committeeman
Phil Soper – Oconee, State Committeeman
Rick Tate – Pickens, County Chairman
Roy Lindsey – Orangeburg, State Committeeman
Ruth Obermeyer – McCormick, County Chairman
Sam Cerezo – Lee, State Committeeman
Sandra Bryan – Richland, 6th District Chairman
Sandy McGarry – Lancaster, County Chairman
Scott Horne – Laurens, State Committeeman
Shelby Price – Kershaw, State Committeeman
Sherri Zedd – Beaufort, County Chairman
Shery Smith – Sumter, State Committeeman
Susan Aiken – Anderson, 3rd District Chairman
Suzette Jordan – Greenville, State Committeeman
Terry Hardesty – Berkeley, State Committeeman
Tim Higgins – Dorchester, County Chairman
Timothy Bazen – Darlington, State Committeeman
Tommy Newell – Berkeley, County Chairman
Tommy Sinclair – Union, County Chairman
Tyler Griffin – York, County Chairman
Tyson Grinstead – Richland, State Committeeman
Vic Dabney – Kershaw, County Chairman
Vic Terrana – Newberry, State Committeeman
Wayne McKenzie – Abbeville, County Chairman
Wilma Storey – Lexington, State Committeeman

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