Are you on my endorsement list?

Are you on my endorsement list?

Dear Republican Friends,

It’s been a busy week! Since I announced for State Party Chairman I’ve been able to speak to six county party organizations as well as the leadership of our state Republican women’s groups.

All-together, I’ve met with over thirty Republican groups in the past several months and have received great feedback from our grassroots.

Today I’m honored to announce the public endorsements of over 160 key party leaders and activists from all across our state!  Take a moment and look over the county-by-county endorsement list and look for people that you may know.

Then be sure to visit my “join” page and let me know how you would like to support the campaign, or even if I can add YOUR name to this list!

Also, if I haven’t been to speak to your group yet, please contact me and let’s get it on the schedule. The feedback that I get from our party’s grassroots leadership is invaluable.

You can also help spread the word by sharing my endorsement page on Facebook and let others know that you support the campaign!

Thanks for all that you do for our party!

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